Émilie Du Châtelet between Leibniz, Newton and Kant

How close is Du Châtelet to the philosophy of Leibniz or the ideas of Wolff, and how near is Kant to the ideas of Du Châtelet

According to Eberhard, Kant had deduced his principles and basic concepts of transcendental criticism from Leibniz and Wolff. In the relevant place Eberhard substantiates his assertion with a reference to the Institutions physiques (1742), by the philosopher Du Châtelet.

This project investigates that topic in two regards. First it analyses the function of Du Châtelet’s quote in the context of Eberhard’s argument against Kant, that there is nothing “new” about his transcendental turn. The second part of the paper discusses the questions arising from this:  How close are Kant’s arguments in favour of a “new” philosophy to those of Du Châtelet? Is Du Châtelet a hidden source for Kant’s achievement?

More coming soon: Ruth E Hagengruber: Époque Émilienne. Philosophy and Science in the Age of Émilie Du Châtelet 1706-1749. Springer Cham.


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