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History of Women Philosophers and Scientists
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Below you find the first version of a series of timelines representing the lives and works of various women philosophers. This first edition comprises the Enlightenment philosopher Emilie Du Châtelet and three early women phenomenologists: Edith Stein, Hedwig Conrad-Martius and Gerda Walther.


The long-term aim of this project is to create an online tool able to represent the complex data of the philosophers’ lives, works and scientific networks in a way which makes the data easily accessible and comprehensible. Furthermore, it should also be capable of generating new knowledge from the given informations creating new insights out of the incorporated data. I.e. concerning the scientific and personal exchanges between the different members of the scientific networks. Thus, enabling a knowledge production worth the term.


You find the philosophers represented as options within the drop-down menu on the left. Once opted for one philosopher you have the choice about the category of entries you want to call up. You find them in the middle of the navigation bar. Your options are: life data, events and publications. Additionally, you have on the outer right side of the bar two buttons which give you instant access to all persons and all places mentioned within the timelines.


1. Timeline Emilie Du Châtelet Centre International d’étude du XVIIIème siècle | Archives Émilie Du Châtelet – Chronologie de la vie d’Émilie Du Châtelet

2. Timelines Early Women Phenomenologists Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists | Archives Women in Early Phenomenology


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