Libori Summer School 2018
The Center History of Women Philosophers and Scientists announces
The 2nd Libori Summer School 2018 on Women Philosophers and Scientists
July 29 – August 3, 2018
Paderborn University, Germany
In these parallel, intensive courses, featuring experts in the specific areas, we challenge the philosophical canon by showing how to incorporate the ideas of women philosophers and scientists via their texts and discuss new issues and topics in the field.

30 July –

03 August


Prof. Mary Ellen Waithe
Dr. Dr. Dieter Suisky and Dr. Andrea Reichenberger

Morning Lecture Series

Each day of the Libori Summer School will begin with a morning lecture that will be delivered to all participants. These lectures will introduce students to the topics being discussed across all the individual courses on offer. This will give attendees an impression of each area of philosophical research being covered this year. It will also provide them with the occasion to hear from many of the world renowned speakers visiting the Center HWPS this summer. These lectures are open to the public.

Time Monday

30 July


31 July


1 August


2 August


3 August

10:00-11:15 Dorothy Rogers (Montclair State University) – American Women Philosophers Antonio Calcagno (King’s University College, UWO) – Self and Subjectivity in Edith Stein Robyn Arianrhod (Monash University) – Emilie Du Châtelet Luka Boršić (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb) – Women in Capitalism Maria von Welser (Paderborn University) – Women’s World Today. Still a Nightmare in so Many Places

Short break

Classes begin at 11:30

Dr. Rodney Parker
Prof. Ruth Hagengruber
Julia Lerius

Evening Events

Wednesday, 1 August. Student Celebration and Networking (AStA StadtCampus (6th Floor)  |  Map/Directions  |  Locating the Entrance)

19:00 Guests Arrive/Mingling/Refreshments
19:15 Study and Research Opportunities at the Center HWPS
19:30 Digital Humanities at the Center HWPS
20:00 Dinner and drinks

Friday, 3 August. Closing Ceremony. (Deelenhaus  |  Map/Directions)

18:00 Guests Arrive/Mingling/Refreshments
18:15 Concluding Remarks by the Center HWPS Staff
18:30 Presentation of Certificates to Students
19:30 Closing Lecture: Robyn Arianrhod – Mary Sommerville
20:00 Dinner

Brochure: Please click here for the 2018 Libori Summer School Brochure.

Costs: Participation is free. Lunch during the Libori Summer School is provided. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations.

Credits: Students can earn 3 ECTS points (attendance+short presentation) or 6 ECTS points (short presentation+paper) for most courses. Short presentations will be given during the week of the course. Papers must be submitted no later than 28.09.2018. Please contact the lecturer of your course for further information. Students from outside of the European ECTS-Cooperation of ERASMUS are strongly advised to contact either their Study Abroad Office or the office in your university that deals with external credits.

Certificates: A certificate with a transcript of records indicating the workload and the content of the course will be provided at the end of the Libori Summer School.

Discover Paderborn: In addition to the Libori Festival, there are many interesting things to see and do in and around Paderborn. Located in the heart of the city are the 200 fresh water springs, the Paderquellen, which are the birthplace of the Pader River. You can also visit the Paderborn Cathedral, the adjoining Museum of the Diocese of Paderborn. Beside the cathedral you will find the Museum of Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz), where you can see the foundation walls of Charlemagne’s 8th century complex. In the north-western part of the city, you will find both the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, the world’s largest computer museum, and Schloss Neuhaus, a Renaissance era castle with lovely Baroque gardens. About 35 kilometers northeast of Paderborn is the Externsteine, a sacred site of the pagan Saxons, located in the Teutoburg Forest, and approximately 20 kilometers southwest is the infamous Wewelsburg castle. More information can be found on the Tourism page of the City of Paderborn’s website.


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