Vol. 2 – Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists – Kateryna Karpenko

Sneak peek into our Brill's Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists with Kateryna Karpenko

Journal History of Women Philosophers and ScientistsWe are happy to share insights on one of our latest articles in the  the second volume of Journal of the History of Women Philosophers & Scientists:

The Struggle of Ukrainian Women for the Right to Higher Education: Historical and Philosophical Receptions of Liudmyla Smoliar by Kateryna Karpenko

Abstract: The article examines the conceptualization of the struggle of Ukrainian women for the right to higher education by the Ukrainian historian Liudmyla Smoliar. In the book The Past for the Sake of the Future, she analyzed this topic in a socio-political and cultural context. The researcher noted that under the influence of the social movement of the early 1860s, women were allowed to study at the universities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. Achievements and victories of the pioneers of this field were interspersed with obstacles and new prohibitions. Economic dependence on parents, and then on husbands, outdated legal norms, and political discrimination forced women to look for ways of self-realization. Summarizing the circumstances in which women had to assert their right to education, the researcher concluded that women gradually achieved convincing success, overcoming numerous obstacles at each stage of the arduous struggle for their rights to higher education.

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Together with Kateryna Karpenko we have hosted two conferences on Voices from Ukraine. The first one was hosted 2022 on History of Women Philosophers and Scientists in the Situation of War. On the conference page you can watch all the recordings.

In 2023 we hosted Voices from Ukraine: Women Philosophers and Scientists Against War and Ecocide.We are especially happy that the internationally renowned Ukrainian philosopher and literary figure Oksana Zabuzhko, recipient of the French Legion of Honour and numerous other awards, joined us at the conference. She has written about the experience of war, its fatal cultural precedencies and will discuss ideas from her latest book The Longest Journey.


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