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Two new publications on Hedwig Conrad-Martius

Together with Springer, the Center for the History of Women Philosophers publishes a Series on Women in the History of Philosophy. Recently two research fellows of the Center have published books on Hedwig Conrad-Martius. Both have been related to the Center for HWPS for a long time. Rodney Parker was a post-doc in the Center’s project on Women in Early Phenomenology. He is a specialist on the history of the phenomenological movement. Ronny Miron (Bar-Ilan University) is an advisor for the Women in Early Phenomenology research cluster, and is a specialist on the philosophy of Hedwig Conrad-Martius.

Ronny Miron published her volume on Hedwig Conrad-Martius in 2021. This volume, the first of its kind written in English, interprets the realistic-phenomenological philosophy of Hedwig Conrad-Martius (1888-1966). The articles included in this collection deal with the two main themes constituting her realistic-metaphysical phenomenology: Being and the I. In addition, the collection includes a comprehensive Preface that describes the personal background and the social and philosophical contexts behind Conrad-Martius’s thought, with an emphasis on the mutual influence and fertilization of the group of early phenomenologists in the Munich-Göttingen Circle. 

Rodney K. B. Parker published Hedwig Conrad-Martius’ Ontological Phenomenology in 2020. The volume is an introduction to the totality of the metaphysical philosophy of nature of Hedwig Conrad-Martius (1888-1966). Her own training and inclination as a realist phenomenologist enables a unique perspective on central issues in modern and contemporary (twentieth century) theoretical biology and physics. Here we find novel theories of, e.g., space and time, as well as development and evolution. This work is thus of interest to anyone studying the history of the phenomenological movement as well as religious cosmology.

Here you can find more on our book series: https://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/study/springer-book-series-women-in-the-history-of-philosophy-and-sciences/

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