Libori Summer School – Throughout the years

As we wait for the summer, let us reminisce in the Libori Summer Schools from 2017 to 2023.

The First – Libori Summer School 2017

The international Libori Summer School was held at the end of the summer term, during the

traditional Libori festivities of the city of Paderborn. The event series ist organized by director of the Center for the History of WOmen Philosophers and Scientists Ruth Hagengruber. Some 40 international students chose from a program of parallel intensive courses on women in Medieval and Renaissance philosophy, Du Châtelet’s philosophy, women in the early phenomenological movement, and the new research area “misandry” – represented by the writings of Helene von Druskowitz. Framed by evening events in the ambience of the historic Deelenhaus, and accompanied by evening lectures by professors from Tel-Aviv, Harvard, and the director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber.

Libori Summer School 2018

The second Libori SUmmer School took place in the course of five days. In these lectures featuring experts in the specific areas, we challenged the philosophical canon by showing how to incorporate the ideas of women philosophers and scientists via their texts and discuss new issues and topics in the field. Find out more about the lectures and experts here.

Libori Summer School 2019

The international Libori Summer School 2019 focused on the topic ‘Teaching Women Philosophers’. The Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists invited guests from all over the world to discuss women philosophers and their contributions to the history of philosophy. Established researchers and young scholars shared their expertise in a supporting and inspiring environment to find innovative ways to integrate women philosophers into the philosophical canon. Watch the video here.

Also you can read the full report on the conference here: 

Croatia Libori Summer School 2022 & 23

The 2022 Croatia Libori Summer School was on Women in the History of Philosophy – Challenging the Canon. The following year the researchers dealt with the topic “Women Philosophers and Scientists on Psychology, Mind and Body Awareness” It was a product of the collaboration between Research Centre for Women in Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb (Croatia), Centre for History of Women Philosophers and Scientist at the University of Paderborn (Germany)  and University of Zadar (Croatia).

Read the full report of the conferenc here:

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