Elisabeth of Bohemia Prize 2023 – Award handed over to Laura Benítez Grobet

This year’s Elisabeth of Bohemia Prize was awarded on Wednesday, 16 August. This year, the prize was again awarded to a renowned researcher in the field of the history of women philosophers and scientists. The Elisabeth of Bohemia Prize, donated by Ulrike Detmers, was awarded to Dr. Laura Benítez Grobet, the second time it has gone to a Latin American philosopher and scholar.

This special ceremony took place last Wednesday on ZOOM. The prize was handed over to Dr. Benítez Grobet by Prof. Dr. Ruth E. Hagengruber, Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, in front of numerous guests, some of whom were connected virtually and others who were present in Mexico.

The award was accompanied by outstanding laudations from Dr. Benítez Grobet’s colleagues: Dr. Aurelia Valero Pie, Dr. Soledad Alejandra Velazquez Zaragoza and Dr. Teresa Rodriguez. In addition, the prizewinner’s achievements were honored by the Director of the Institute of Philosophical Investigations of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Dr. Juan Antonio Cruz Parcero.

In a brilliant acceptance speech, Dr. Laura Benítez Grobet expressed her heartfelt thanks to those who donated the prize and to her companions.
The hybrid ceremony was followed by a festive reception at UNAM.

We would like to thank all the participants and congratulate Dr. Benítez Grobet on being awarded the Elisabeth of Bohemia Prize 2023.

A video of the award ceremony will be published soon on our YouTube Channel.

Special Thanks goes to Dr. Aurelia Valerie Pie who generously made this pictures available to us.

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