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26 July - 2 August 2017

Feminist Philosophy – Feminism, Phenomenology, and Genealogy

Conference | all-day | Feminist Philosophy

Keynote speakers: Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iceland, specializing in feminist philosophy, the philosophy of Nietzsche, and the philosophy of nature and embodiment. Cecilia Malmström Olsson, PhD at Lund University in Literature, with special focus on Dance Studies. Malmström Olsson specializes in dance and aesthetics, as well as dance and politics from different perspectives, such as identity, gender, race, and power relations.
The network Feminist Philosophy: Time, history and the transformation of thought (2017-2019), invites scholars to Saulkrasti, Latvia, 26 July–2 August 2017.
The aim of the conference is to create a space for critical feminist practices of reading. We want to develop and draw connections between philosophy and feminist theory, informed by historical perspectives. How can feminism revitalize philosophy and interpretations of its history? What would a philosophical feminism look like? What would it mean to read feminist theory historically?
The meeting in Saulkrasti is the second out of a total of six conferences during a three-year period.
The first conference Feminist Utopias was held in collaboration with the University of Iceland in March 2017, attracting about 60 scholars from all over the world.

26 July - 2 August 2017


80€ – 550€

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Feminist Philosophy

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