The Teaching and Research Area was founded by Ruth Hagengruber 2006 at the Department of Philosophy, Paderborn University

Research Project

Economics, Technology and Gender are defined as the challenging and decisive factors of the future. The teaching and research area “EcoTechGender” is dedicated to the philosophic analysis of the relation between these topics.

What is Eco Tech Gender ? See Chat GPT : Eco Tech Gender refers to the intersection of environmental sustainability, technology, and gender. It recognizes that gender plays a role in how individuals interact with and are impacted by environmental issues and technological advancements. This concept aims to address gender inequalities and promote inclusivity in the development and implementation of eco-friendly technologies and sustainable practices. It recognizes that women and other marginalized groups may have different needs, perspectives, and experiences in relation to environmental and technological issues, and seeks to ensure their voices are heard and their rights are protected in these areas.


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