IAPh 2021 Their visions are our Mission


An important part of the IAPh 2021 is the gathering and collection of various visions from people of different origins, convictions and backgrounds. To change the world and the values ​​of philosophy, we need the voices and words of various committed people. Our mission is to present those visions, which includes the rethinking the past and to define the future. A key point of our mission is to offer the platform to share these visions with the world and to create a basis for sharpening these visions in the coming summer at our conference.

In addition, in the run-up to the conference we are offering various digital lectures by various keynotes. You can find out more on our event page.

To get an impression of these visions and our mission, given by a collective of international, multicultural and diverse scientists and activists, take a look at the keynoter’s visions.


Xiao Wei

Women Philosophers on Health and Environmental Issues

Lisa Herzog

Economic inequality a threat to democracy?

Federica Giardini

Philosophy of Economy

Kateryna Karpenko

Gender injustice and Ecological issues

Yuko Murakami

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Philosophy of Technology

Caterina Pello

Women in the Pythagorean tradition

Gisele D. Secco

Mathematics, Computers and Women

Mpho Tshivhase

What is person´s uniqueness?

Carol J. Adams

Meat, consumption and sexism

Ruth Edith Hagengruber

The Stolen History

Julie A. Nelson

Methodology of Economics and Feminist Economic Theory

Hei-sook Kim

AI research profit from integrating women’s research

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