Du Châtelet's Foundations of Physics
“According to my opinion your book is full of the most interesting things in physics and metaphysics,
and there would be much to be gained by those who undertake the study of philosophy, by making it familiar.
But I fear that this will be difficult for beginners and especially for the people of the world.”
(Clairaut to Du Châtelet in a letter from January 4, 1741).
This project aims to present an online Reading Guide to help students, teachers and researchers navigate through Du Châtelet’s Foundations of Physics, or Institutions de physique (1740/42) and to make this important text visible to a broad audience.
Further information on Émilie Du Châtelet can be found here.
Full text scans of the different published versions of the Foundations of Physics can be accessed by clicking on the images below:

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