Ruth E. Hagengruber on Émilie du Châtelet

Get insights on Du Châtelet from the Springer Encyclopedia entry by Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber.

“Her scholarship was unsurpassed and her reputation spread across Europe. As in many cases, those who outperform are the most criticized. This was surely true for Du Châtelet.”

– Hagengruber, R.E. (2022). Du Châtelet, Émilie (1706–1749). In: Jalobeanu, D., Wolfe, C.T. (eds) Encyclopedia of Early Modern Philosophy and the Sciences. Springer, Cham.

Ruth E. Hagengruber has continously published articles on Émilie du Châtelet. However, in the Encyclopedia you get the opportunity to get a small insights on the work and achievements of Émilie du Châtelet. The article can be accessed through the link at the end of the citation. If a certain aspect of her career caught your eye check out our Directory on Émilie du Châtelet to get a deep insight of her work.

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