Reminder: New Voices Talk Series – Phenomenoloy and Metaphysics. Gottlöber

The Summer Term Talk Series, organised by  Daniel Neumann, Research Fellow at Paderborn University, is dedicated to Phenomenology and Metaphysics.

Everyone is welcome to attend. To register and to receive the zoom invitation, please send an email to

Here is the link for the whole program:

We start the lecture series on the 20th of April at 3 pm, with a talk by Susan Gottlöber on “Which Reality? Max Scheler and Edith Stein on the Question of Realism”.

Abstract: Although Max Scheler and Edith Stein did not specifically engage in the topic of realism during their lifetimes, they can both be considered representatives of realism. This paper aims to investigate and compare Scheler’s and Stein’s positions in the re-emerging realism debate of the early 20th century. In line with Sepp’s observation that the individual’s position on the realism-idealism controversy reflects their philosophical stance (Sepp 2003), I will examine their positions in the context of their respective Weltanschauungen, influences, and responses to contemporary questions. Ultimately, I argue that while their positions share superficial similarities, they remain incompatible on key issues due to their opposing developments in their philosophical and ideological worldviews.

Other dates of the New Voices Summer Term Talk Series are: 4.5., 25.5., 1.6., 22.6., 29.6.


If you are interested in Phenomenology, check out our playlist from the on our Stein’s and Husserl’s Intertwined Itineraries YouTube Channel.


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