New Voices – Welcome our new member Martin Baesler

Discover our newest Member of New Voices: Martin Baesler.


Today we would like to introduce you to the research interests of our new member Martin Baesler. Baesler’s research combines Arendt’s political theory with the impact of AI on democracies. In works such as “The Freedom of the Individual as a Starting Point for Political Transformation” and “The Impact of Big Data on Political Judgment,” he examines the challenges of AI. He values collaboration and seeks to understand how Arendt’s ideas inform adaptation to technological change for nuanced democratic ideals. Learn more about his research profile here.





Do you already know how to “use” New Voices?

New Voices members can always share their work on the New Voices news page and social media. If you would like to become a member, please contact:

More importantly, the New Voices network thrives on online discussion groups and conferences. We would love it if one of you would suggest a topic and colleagues to start a new series. As usual, we would set up Zoom and distribute the news. New Voices is a platform to make us, young researchers, visible and connected.

Why you should join new voices:

1. Networking: As a member, you can connect with emerging scholars around the world with the same interests. Benefit from a supportive community environment that fosters collaboration, academic growth, and interdisciplinary exchange in the field of women philosophers’ history.

2. Access to resources: You will get access to various resources and scholarly works dealing with specific women philosophers.

3. Lecture series: New Voices organizes thematic lecture series that focus on different aspects of the history of women philosophers. This allows for more in-depth research into specific topics.

4. Visibility and Recognition: Showcase your work, publications and projects in the news section of the platform. New Voices offers you the opportunity to present your achievements and contributions to a wider audience.

5. Contribution to a growing field: As a member, you can contribute to advancing and promoting the history of women philosophers.

New Voices Members please remember that we can always share your work on the New Voices News page as well as our Social Media. If you want to join the New Voices please contact

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