New Voices Talk Series – Women and Their Body

First Talk 20.10

On October 20th, we restart with our New Voices Talk Series on Women and
their body. Here is the link for the whole program:

At the 20th of October at 4 pm, we will hear Naomi Jacobs on “Femtech”

Abstract: Femtech is the collective name for technologies that address
female health needs. Femtech applications can, e. g., help women digitally
track their period, manage their fertility and support their pregnancy.
Although femtech has beneficial potential, there are various ethical
concerns to be raised with current femtech apps. In this talk, I will
discuss three of the main ethical concerns with femtech apps regarding (1)
medical reliability, (2) privacy, and (3) gender stereotyping and epistemic
injustice, and I explore how Capability Sensitive Design (CSD), a novel
design framework for health and wellbeing technologies (Jacobs 2020), is
able to mitigate these concerns and help create morally sensitive femtech.

Other dates are: 17.11; 8.12; 12.01; 9.02; 2.03.

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