New Voices – Priyanka Jha

Read here about Priyanka Jha's work as well as her upcoming talk!

Priyanka Jha‘s area of work and research lies in the intersectionality of Political theory, thought and Intellectual history of ideas. She works and engages with writings and corpus of work that women thinkers contributed towards in Modern India and South Asia. In the larger context of gendering the manner in which values and concepts in the normative of nation came to be established. The aim is to identify, explore and engage with large number of women thinkers, who have been invisiblilised and marginalised from the larger national imagination and psyche. With this as the larger ambit, the attempts are towards decolonizing and gendering the pedagogy and syllabus which is constructed and narrativised with male gaze, celebrating solely the male thinkers and their contributions, as if women were absent from making history and contributing towards the human condition.

In 2022 she held a keynote on Exploring Women Thinking in Modern India at the New Voices Conference. At thee 18th Symposium of the IAPh in 2021 she presented on Global gendered intellectual history. Recently she published the article The Shaping of the ‘Political’: A Gendered Intellectual History of Ideas in Modern India (1880s–1940s) in the Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists. Starting next week she will be visting us at the Center as well as give a talk at the colloquium of the Paderborn University on Recovering the ‘Organic’: Women Thinking in Modern India

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