Priyanka Jha New Voices Research Profile

My area of work and research lies in the intersectionality of Political theory, thought and Intellectual history of ideas. I work and engage with writings and corpus of work that women thinkers contributed towards in Modern India and South Asia. In the larger context of gendering the manner in which values and concepts in the normative of nation came to be established. The aim is to identify, explore and engage with large number of women thinkers, who have been invisiblilised and marginalised from the larger national imagination and psyche. With this as the larger ambit, the attempts are towards decolonizing and gendering the pedagogy and syllabus which is constructed and narrativised with male gaze, celebrating solely the male thinkers and their contributions, as if women were absent from making history and contributing towards the human condition. In most societies, more acutely in post colonial world, the manner in which political theory or Intellectual history of ideas are undertaken, are deplete from the contributions, thinking and works of women thinkers and philosophers leading to a certain kind of epistemic injustice. This act of erasure and invisbilisation has massive consequences as women from being active contributors and creators in the larger nationalist imagination, history and consciousness are constructed as passive recipients . My research entails of identifying and bringing their voices and thinking back in the deliberation and discourse. Most importantly bringing the voices from the post colonial world, which still lies at the margins of the epistemic world. Some of the women thinkers that I have worked with includes Pandita Ramabai, Savitribai Phule, Tarabai Shinde, Kamla Devi Chattopadhyay, Mahashweta Devi and many others.


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