Memorial day of Marie Le Jars de Gournay

Marie Le Jars de Gournay

(†July 12, 1645)


Marie de Gournay was a French philosopher who made a significant contribution to the “Querelle des femmes“. As a women’s rights activist, she criticized above all the oppression of women in terms of their education and social function. Among other things, in her work “Egalité des Hommes et des Femmes”, she advocates the fundamental equality of men and women. In it, she cites historical and mythological female figures as proof of women’s abilities and refers to statements by Plato, Seneca and Montaigne. The intellectual inferiority that women are accused of, is only due to the lack of education of most women of their time. Thus, she calls for more education and recognition for women.

More information about her are given in the lecture by Ruth Hagengruber. See the Video below. If you want to know more about women philosophers, feel free to check out our directory or website!

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