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Margaret Cavendish was an English intellectual whose works span across philosophy, natural science, poetry, play-writing, fiction and an auto-biography. Cavendish was an early advocate of naturalism and believed that ideas and thoughts, as well as souls, are material. She argued against all forms of tracing bodily actions to immaterial beings, such as immaterial forms, God or an immaterial mind, and held the view that the causes for bodily actions rest in matter itself. Cavendish believed that we cannot have knowledge of immaterial things. Earlier than Hume, she argued for the idea that knowledge of causal relations rests solely on experience. Click here to read the full text in our Directory entry on Margaret Cavendish. The Directory is a collection of a biographical text, sources and media on women philosophers. It is a great start to get to know women philosophers. If you want to deepen your knowledge check out the following talks on our YouTube Channel:

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