Find Scholars Margaret Cavendish

Liza Blake – New Voices Member

Research: early modern literature, philosophy, and science; Margaret Cavendish

Affiliation: Associate Professor of English, University of Toronto


Emanuele Costa – New Voices Member

Research: Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics; Early Analytic Philosophy

Affiliation: University of Southampton

Benjamin Isaac Goldberg – New Voices Member

Research:  History of science, Medicine, Embryology

Affiliation: University of South Florida, Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies

Sina Menke – New Voices Member

Research: Early Modern Women Philosophers, Women’s Utopias, History of Knowledge, Utopia as Method

Affiliation: PhD Candidate at University of Marburg

Maks Sipowicz – New Voices Member

Research: Passions, Virtue, Cavendish, Astell

Peter West – New Voices Member

Research: Cavendish, Stebbing, Shepherd

Affiliation: Durham University (UK)

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