María de Paz New Voices Research Profile

My work is mainly about the philosophical status (epistemological and ontological) of the principles of mechanics and how this status changes for different authors and in different times. Thus I am interested in the interaction between mathematics, physics and philosophy in the discipline of mechanics. I have specialized in the 19th century but I am now expanding my interests and work also on questions related to mechanics in the 17th and 18th That is how I became interested in the work of Émilie du Châtelet. A consequence of my research is my interest on the role of hypotheses in science and their use in scientific practice.

In my teaching I am very interested in challenging the canon (both in philosophy and in science), that is why when I teach history and philosophy of science I try to talk to my students about scientific traditions different than the European one and I try to include in my syllabus works by female philosophers and authors different from the English speaking tradition. As I have not been trained in how to challenge the canon, I have to do research in order to be able to do that. I consider Émilie du Châtelet a case in which my teaching and research intertwine perfectly.


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