Invitation for attending the Conference Women and their body

The conference Women and their Body aims at breaking the silence!

Together, the Humanities and the Cultural Studies take a stand on the explosive topic Women’s right over their Own Body. Recent and even past events in numerous countries ask for a statement, formulated by many scholars from different research fields.

Recent events have shown that it is urgent and fundamentally important to shed new light, through philosophical, linguistic, literary, scientific, medical and artistic perspectives, on the female body and the position of women in relation to their body. Too often it seems that women do not have the right to determine their own body, although men have never been deprived of this right. The question of power over the body is strongly linked to the distinction between men and women. It seems that men have more rights and power on their own body than women. But how is this possible? What is the status of the female body in culture and society? Why is the female body both, an object of desire and a battlefield for demonstrating male power? To what extent have medicine and technology interfered in recent years with the female body and with what consequences?

On March 15th, 16th and 17th 2023, the international, hybrid conference, organised by Dr. Jil Muller, at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists in Paderborn, directed by Prof. Ruth E. Hagengruber, will shed light on this issue. Everyone is welcome to attend the conference, via Zoom or in person in Paderborn. Please note that the in-person places are limited.

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The preliminary program can be seen here.

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