Happy Birthday to Rose Rand!

Today, we celebrate the Birthday of Rose Rand, a jewish philosopher from vienna. She was born in 1903 in Lemberg, Ukraine. The post shows the first page of her PhD thesis on Kotarbiński’s philosophy, which was approved by Robert Reininger and Richard Meister in 1937. Due to her affiliation with the Vienna Circle, her name is well-known in academic circles. The importance of the logician as a woman in the Vienna Circle, her philosophical work and more is documented in the forthcoming literature by Ruth Hagengruber. A first insight is given in the following abstract from Katharina Mihaljevic.


Rosalia (Rose) Rand (1903-1980) was an Austrian philosopher and
logician of Polish-Jewish descent who was a regular and active member
of the Vienna Circle between 1924 and 1938. Rand’s intellectual
activity in Vienna between 1924 and 1938 comprised (1) participation
in the Circle’s meetings (where she also often acted as a note-taker),
(2) philosophical work on logic and the philosophy of language, and
(3) work as a researcher in a psychiatric hospital at the University
of Vienna. Rand’s philosophical work and her efforts to establish a
philosophical career provide excellent example of the importance that
external; material conditions play in determining the development of
one’s philosophical contribution and subsequent (lack of) access to
the philosophical canon.

Forthcoming in Hagengruber, R.E. (2023). Teaching Women Philosophers.
Springer: forthcoming.

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