Exploring women philosophers from the greek antiquity with Maria Nühlen

Maria Nühlen is a professor at the Hochschule Merseburg. She hosts courses and organizes projects for the philosophy of culture and media. Her research focus is women philosophers from Greek antiquity. In the 1980s while writing her dissertation she had already created a focus on women philosophers and worked at the same time on a lexikon for women philosophers.She is part of the work group “Women in the History of Philosophy ” founded by the DGPhil. 

We were happy to welcome Maria Nühlen at the Center for the Libori Summer School in 2019. There she had an interview with Ruth Hagengruber to share her thoughts on including women philosophers in the canon. 

Soon she will publish a whole book on women philosophers from Greek antiquity. It will be found on our webpage along with the other books from the springer book series: Women in the history of philosophy and science .  



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