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We started a blog in our EcoTechGender Section called CreAI:tivity. On this blog we want to discover the influence of new technologies, specifically Artificial Intellingence. Dive into the topic with thoughts by Ruth E. Hagengruber, founder of the research field. You will also find interesting entries by students from the Paderborn Univeristy who each take an unique look into the effects of artificial intelligence. Explore writings on ChatGPT and Tiktok, as well as the general consequences of evolving technology. On our blog we have two entries on Chat GPT. One is dicussing the question for the need of own thinking, while the other explores its use for writing scientific papers. Both look at Chat GPTs effects on education. Read now „Wozu noch selbst denken?“ – Wie ChatGPT die Bildung verändern könnte von Jan Düwell and A commentary on ChatGPT: A revolutionary tool for writing or the death of scientific papers? by Jan Hendrik Hellmiß on our page.

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