EcoTechGender meets Technikum NRW

On November 15 & 18 Dr. Jil Muller and Felix Grewe introducing the Concept of Genderscriptin at Technikum NRW

Tomorrow on November 15th and Friday 18th, Dr. Jil Muller and Felix Grewe (Project EcoTechGender) will be guests at the Technikum NRW, with the topic “What is Genderscripting”. They will give the students an insight into the influence of gender on the production and design of technologies.

Technikum NRW is a program to support female high school students who want to gain an insight into the professional life of STEM subjects and industrial companies during their high school graduation. The goal is to inspire more female students to enter the field of STEM subjects and industry and thus raise awareness of career options for women that do not fit the stereotype. The project is being carried out by Dr. Stephanie Forge and Ricarda Fritzsche at the University of Paderborn.

More Information about the project and the staff can be found here: Technikum NRW

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