Fellow - Gerhard Ortner

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard E. Ortner, winner of Paderborn’s Culture Prize, is a honorary professor at the University of Paderborn since 2017.

The interdisciplinary and award winning project “Philosophie in den Medien” (philosophy in the media) was launched in 2014 by Professor Ruth Hagengruber (philosophy) in cooperation with Professor Gerhard E. Ortner and Pegah Khalesi
(dramatic staging), Ulrich Lettermann (music), and Bernhard Koch and Eduard Zakureny (filming) to present women philosophers’ thoughts via student performances to the broad public.

Challenges resulting from to the omnipresence of media, in particular the steadily increasing significance of the use of media in the context of teaching are touched upon in this series of seminars.

The project aims at involving all students to produce a media production or staging of previously discussed philosophical content, which is often related to the research field of “History of Women Philosophers and Scientists”. However, each specific performance is designed by students from all departments of the Institute for Cultural Studies themselves under the assistance of an interdisciplinary team of experts for dramatic production, staging and music.

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