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8 March 2018

Marie Deutschbein’s and Walther Brand’s Introduction to the Philosophical Foundations of Mathematics (1929): a book for teaching practice?

Talk | 11:35 AM - 12:20 PM | Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik (GDM)

The talk “Marie Deutschbeins und Walther Brands “Einführung in die philosophischen Grundlagen der Mathematik” (1929): ein Buch für Lehre und Unterricht?” is part of the 3rd annual meeting of the Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV) and  the Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik (GDM).

Section: Geschichte und Philosophie der Mathematik und des Mathematikunterrichtes

In 1929 the German book Introduction into the Philosophical Foundations of Mathematics appeared. The authors were Marie Deutschbein and Walther Brand. In the first chapter titled “Mathematics and Logic” the authors give an overview of the foundational debate (“Grundlagenstreit”) between intuitionists and formalists that developed along the decade of the twenties. My contribution deals with Deutschbein’s and Brand’s interpretation of the controversy, by focusing on the question on how to integrate Deutschbein’s and Brand’s contribution into the practice of teaching philosophy of mathematics.

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8 March 2018

11:35 AM - 12:20 PM


J4.219 , University Paderborn
Warburger Str. 100
Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen 33098
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