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4 - 6 October 2018

German Women Intellectuals 1700-1830

Workshop | all-day | Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists

Keynote Speakers

Katherine Goodman (Brown University) and Karen Green (University of Melbourne)


Thursday, 4 October
16:00 Welcome to the Center HWPS
16:30 Opening Lecture

Katherine Goodman (Brown University, USA)

Luise Gottsched’s Panthea: Cicero, Shaftesbury and Modernity

Friday, 5 October
11:00 Karen Green (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Women’s reception of Kant, 1790-1810

12:30 Emilio Maria De Tommaso (University of Calabria, Italy)

English Philosophical Echoes at the Court of Sophie, Electress of Hanover: Damaris Masham and Catharine Cockburn

13:30 Gabrielle Ball (Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel, Germany)

Luise Adelgunde Victorie Gottsched as an Intellectual and Cultural Mediator

14:30 Ruth Hagengruber (Paderborn University, Germany)

Luise Gottsched: Mistress of Weltweisheit

Saturday, 6 October
11:00 Anne Pollok (University of South Carolina, USA)

Bettina von Arnim: How to Craft a Transformative character, or Goethe’s Most Dangerous Adversary

12:00 Paola Rumore (University of Turin, Italy)

Wilhelmine of Bayreuth and the German Enlightenment

13:00 Nyamgerel Baljinnyam (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany)

Diotima in Hölderlin′s Hyperion. The Influence of Susette Gontard

13:45 Closing remarks


Things to see and do in Paderborn

There are many interesting things to see and do in and around Paderborn. Located in the heart of the city are the 200 fresh water springs, the Paderquellen, which are the birthplace of the Pader River. You can also visit the Paderborn Cathedral, the adjoining Museum of the Diocese of Paderborn. Beside the cathedral you will find the Museum of Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz), where you can see the foundation walls of Charlemagne’s 8th century complex. In the north-western part of the city, you will find both the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, the world’s largest computer museum, and Schloss Neuhaus, a Renaissance era castle with lovely Baroque gardens. About 35 kilometers northeast of Paderborn is the Externsteine, a sacred site of the pagan Saxons, located in the Teutoburg Forest, and approximately 20 kilometers southwest is the infamous Wewelsburg castle. More information can be found on the Tourism page of the City of Paderborn’s website.

4 - 6 October 2018



Technologiepark 21
Universität Paderborn, 33100 Germany
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