The Correspondence of Émilie Du Châtelet

There is a new French edition of the Correspondence of Émilie Du Châtelet by the Centre international d’étude du xviiie siècle Ferney-Voltaire that was published in  December!



La Correspondance d’Émilie Du Châtelet

Edited by Ulla Kölving and Andrew Brown.

With François Bessire, Olivier Courcelle, Pierre Crépel, Linda Gardiner, André Magnan, Gilles Plante, Anne-Lise Rey, Charlotte Simonin and Anne Soprani. Review of texts and notes by André Magnan.
ISBN 978-2-84559-136-3, 2018, 240 x 160 mm, 2 volumes, 1242 pages, 73 illustrations, hardback, publication December 2018.

Read an extract here.

With the participation of François Bessire, Hugues Chabot, Olivier Courcelle, Pierre Crépel, Stefanie Ertz, Marie Fontaine, Linda Gardiner, Andre Magnan, Anne-Marie Magnan, Irene Passeron, Gilles Plante, Anne-Lise Rey and Charlotte Simonin.

The book will include a general introduction to the life and works of Mme Du Châtelet, the history of the editions, the principles of publishing, a chronology, biographical notes, the modernized and annotated text of all the preserved letters, documentary appendices, concordances with the previous edition, lists of alphabetical and chronological letters, a list of exploited manuscripts and a general index.

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