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I am interested in life and works of Russian women philosophers of the 20 century, under the Soviet regime. It is a popular stereotype, that women in USSR obtained gender equality. In fact, there are only a few books on women philosophers, their names remain unknown for the majority of courses in Philosophy.

In 2017 I became interested in Philosophy of Science and am writing a paper on Sofia Yanovskaya between Soviet Ideology and Analytical Philosophy.  Sofia Yanovskaya (1896-1966), who was a Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, made a significant contribution to the philosophy of mathematics in the USSR at the time of Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Two other heroines of my research also dealt with Soviet Ideology and Philosophy of Science. Lina Tumanova (1936-1985) was a soviet dissident, wrote on Hegel, Spinoza, and the concept of freedom. Piama Gaidenko (born 1934) researched many topics of philosophy – Kierkegaard, Fichte, history of science, Russian Philosophy etc. Therefore, I would like to come from different angles to the problem of Women in Philosophy and investigate it through the research of several persons in 20 century.

For the research, I also study feminist methodology, feminist epistemology and metaphysics. In parallel, I am organizing a seminar ‘Women in Philosophy’ in Moscow. We are reading some texts of Russian and International women philosophers, as well as analysing such topics as Epistemology of Injustice, Emotions and Rationality, Silencing Women, Philosophy of Motherhood etc.

Other interests are: philosophy of art, Platonism in the history of philosophy, and the history of science. Currently I am writing a book, “Abstract Revolution: Platonism in Avant-garde Epoch” (to be published in 2021), and several papers: “The Revolution of Nothingness: Kazimir Malevich and Russian Philosophy,” “Radiation of Divine Light: Byzantine references of Larionov and Florensky” and “Grasping Absolute Infinity: Symbol in Georg Cantor and Pavel Florensky.”

Contact: levinatat@gmail.com

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