Taleb Bilal Eli - New Voices Research Profile

My research focuses on feminist thought, women, gender and cultural studies. Most of my previous reseach was on women`s emancipation and freedom to wear as it can be seen through my publications. Additionally, among the areas that I am expoloring and excavating are 12th Century North African Women Philosophers; North African Women Feminist Thought; and Mauritanian Female interpreters of the Religious Texts. In my study of 12th Century North African Women Philosophers, I concentrate on Mauritanian females philosophers and thinkers whose voices are not covered as it shouuld be. Here, I focus on an exceptional female thinker who contributed to philosophy and reason immensely: Khadijetou bnt Al-Aqul Daimaniya Esh-Chinguitiya. I also explore the Mauritanian Female interpreters of the Religious Texts as a growing phenomenon.


Contact: tbilaleli@flsh.e-una.mr

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