Edith Stein

The following lecutre by Antonio Calcagno (Professor of Philosophy, King’s University College, Canada) will deal with the topic “Self & Subjectivity”, analysing Edith Steins persepective on the given topic. In the writings of Edith Stein, the notion of the self emerges through the working together of the lived body, psyche, and spirit. However, the self becomes more acutely aware of itself as a self in the experiences of emotion and value. In such experiences, the depth of the I, its motivations, desires, personality, and the will come to the forefront of consciousness, revealing the notion of the spiritual person. The manifestation of the spiritual aspect of human beings evinces the value of the self. Indeed, the person, understood as the highest form of subjectivity, emerges most fully when the bodily, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of the human being work together.
Furthermore, the self and subjectivity, understood as an objectivity, show themselves in and through empathy, the lived experience of community, and gender.

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