In der Philosophie zu Hause
  • IPH (In der Philosophie zu Hause) – DIVERSITY AT THE CENTER

    The core of the work of the Center HWPS is the rediscovery and inclusion of the works of women philosophers into the canon. Nonetheless, the gender of the philosophers is not our exclusive focus. We strive to represent philosophy and philosophers in all their diversity. Whether it concerns their historical, geographical, cultural, social, ethnic or religious background we support the idea of making the neglected and marginalized philosophers and their works visible. For this purpose the Center’s director Ruth Hagengruber founded back in 2011 an independent teaching and research area, named In der Philosophie zu Hause (IPH). Now installed as a permanent teaching area at the chair for practical philosophy IPH continues its long-standing support of the Center as an associated project contributing talks, events and publications on a regular basis.

    See here what has been done so far!


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