Sebastian Bender New Voices Research Profile

My research focuses on early modern philosophy, in particular on the metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind of this era. I have written a book (and several articles) on Leibniz’s metaphysics of modality. Among other things, I am currently working on papers dealing with Conway’s views of species and change, Spinoza’s account of essence, and Descartes’s modal voluntarism. Moreover, I plan to write a book on early modern accounts of causation (I also co-edited the volume Causation and Cognition in Early Modern Philosophy together with Dominik Perler). Very recently, I have also started to develop an interest in early modern political philosophy and am writing a paper on Hume’s qualms about contract theory. In the near future, I am also planning to work on Trotter Cockburn’s account of moral motivation, on Conway’s attitude towards monism, and on Kant’s pre-critical views of modality.

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