Roberto Franzini Tibaldeo - New Voices Research Profile

My research began with a broad enquiry into contemporary nihilism and especially into the ideas of Martin Heidegger and Italian philosophers, like Alberto Caracciolo, Emanuele Severino, and Sergio Givone. I focused on this topic in my graduation thesis in philosophy on the thinking of the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. Then my research shifted to the relationship between nihilism, ethics, and technology. I focused on the thinking of Hans Jonas and especially on his endeavour to defeat nihilism and ground the principles of life, freedom, and ethics into a revised ontological view of nature. In my doctoral thesis I focused on his idea of responsibility with the aim to develop its socio-political relevance thanks to the interaction with landscape ethics. More recently, I focused on Jonas’ philosophical anthropology, which is pivoted on the image faculty (“homo pictor”). Finally, I wish to mention a parallel branch of my research related to philosophical practices, philosophy of education, and interculturality. I started developing this interest after I acknowledged the existence of M. Lipman and A.M. Sharp’s “Philosophy for Children” in 2001. My aim is to eventually unify this educational interest with the ethics of responsibility.

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