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Table of Contents [Inhaltsverzeichnis]

A. Manuscripts [Manuskripte]

B. Notes and Commentaries [Exzerpte und Literaturangaben]

C. Correspondence [Korrespondenz]

D. Personalia

E. Articles and reviews about Conrad-Martius [Artikel und Rezensionen über Conrad-Martius]

F. Manuscripts by other authors [Fremde Manuskripte]

G. Reprints and newspaper-clippings of other authors [Fremde Sonderdrucke und Zeitungsausschnitte]

H. Personal Library [Bibliothek]


Ts. = Typescript [Typoskript]. These typescripts typically contain handwritten marginal notes and other annotations by Conrad-Martius or by Eberhard Avé-Lallemant.

Ms. = Manuscript [Manuskript/Handschrift]

Bl. = Sheets/Pages [Blätter]. The size of individual pages varies. Some sheets have writing on both sides.



Avé-Lallemant, Eberhard (1975). Die Nachlässe der Münchener Phänomenologen in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek. Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz,  S. 191 – 256

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