Ana 317. Gerda Walther Nachlass

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A. Manuscripts [Manuskripte]

B. Personalia

C. Correspondence [Briefe]

D. Material on Parapsychology [Material zur Parapsychologie]

E. Philosophy and Science [Archiv zu Philosophie und Wissenschaften]

F. Contemporary History [Archiv zur Zeitgeschichte]

G. Reprints [Sonderdrucke]

H. Personal Library [Bibliothek]

I. Newspapers [Zeitschriften]

History of the Nachlass

In 1966, over a decade before her death, Gerda Walther decided to give her Nachlass to the Bavarian State Library. By 1975, she had already handed over this material to the library. The collection, which to this date has never been fully organized and catalogued, contains copies of her published works and unpublished manuscripts on philosophy, psychology, sociology and parapsychology, notes from lectures she attended as a student in Munich, Freiburg, and Heidelberg, her extensive correspondence, personal photographs, and her working library. All told, Ana 317 is comprised of 130 large boxes and 20 additional folders.

This Manuscript Index details the contents of Walther’s Nachlass, making its contents publicly known for the first time. Because the Nachlass has never been fully organized, it is a work in progress. It follows the divisions established by Eberhard Avé-Lallemant, which you can see here.


Ts. = Typescript [Typoskript]. These typescripts typically contain handwritten marginal notes and other annotations by Conrad-Martius or by Eberhard Avé-Lallemant.

Ms. = Manuscript [Manuskript/Handschrift]

Bl. = Sheets/Pages [Blätter]. The size of individual pages varies. Some sheets have writing on both sides.

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