Toshiko Yuasa

*December 11, 1909 (Tokyo, Japan)

†December 1, 1980 (Paris, France)

  • Primary Sources

    Toshiko Yuasa, Pari Zuiso [Essays on Paris], Tokyo, Misuzu Shobo, 1970.

    Toshiko Yuasa, Zoku Pari Zuiso [Essays on Paris 2], Tokyo, Misuzu Shobo, 1977.

    Toshiko Yuasa, Pari Zuiso 3 [Essays on Paris 3], Tokyo, Misuzu Shobo, 1980.

    Toshiko Yuasa, Pari ni Ikite [My Life in Paris], Extracts of Toshiko Yuasa’s Journal (hereafter referred to as Journal), ed. Miwae Yamazaki, Tokyo, Misuzu-Shobo, 1995.

    Toshiko Yuasa, Kagaku e no Michi [A Way to Science], Tokyo, Nihon Gakugeisha, 1947.

  • Secondary Sources

    Catalog of Toshiko Yuasa’s (1909–1980) Archives, Public Resources (Tokyo: Institute for Gender Studies of Ochanomizu University, 2009). This contains lists of all her scientific articles.

    Archives du Musée Curie, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, NAF 28161, FP-ACJC, boîte 68.

    Archives du Musée Curie, FP-ACJC / C2 Témoignage écrits sur FJC de Toshiko YUASA (vers 1966).

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