De Kleinhans, Laureana Wright

*July 4, 1846 (Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico)

†September 22, 1896 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Laureana Wright de Kleinhans was a Mexican writer and feminist. She campaigned for women’s rights, education and legal equality. She grew up in Mexico City, studied literature and philosophy and became a journalist and patriotic poet in 1865. She was married to Sebastian Kleinhans.
She dedicated her life to writing and advocating for the voice of women. Laureana’s significant contributions include the founding of the magazine “Violetas de Anáhuac” in 1884, which challenged traditional gender roles by emphasizing female education and intellectual equality.
Kleinhans joined literary societies that were traditionally dominated by men and tried to give women a public voice. Despite initial skepticism, she became a follower of the spiritualism of Allan Kardec, who believed in the equal intelligence of men and women. Laureana died on September 22, 1896, leaving a lasting influence on Mexican feminism.


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