Piergiacomo Severini's newest article on Jeanne Hersch

Piergiacomo Severini recently published a new paper on Jeanne Hersch in the Humanities Bulletin. His Abstract states that Jeanne Hersch’s realist existentialism is an original point of arrival in the panorama of contemporary Existentialism. The Ginevean brings together Kant, Bergson,Jaspersand she promotesa practical philosophy that preserves the existential dialecticsbetween reason and existence through freedom, adding the centrality of reality to it. The aim of this paper is to introduce theheterogeneousHerschian path and to point outsome relevant aspects of the way in which nature and freedom interact in the different phases of her philosophy. Hersch searches for the human ground moving from a real freedom and, after having elaboratedan innerfreedom, a political libertyand a responsible freedom, she finally enlightensthe connection between the existential point of view and the world. In this sense, it is possible to define Jeanne Hersch as the gesture of existentialism, since she re-elaboratesthe theoretical existentialist tradition and applies thisre-elaboration to the problems of her time, giving a practical model of existential authenticity.


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