Marina Lademacher New Voices Research Profile

I received my masters degree in Political Thought from the University of Exeter and I am currently working on my PhD at the University of Sussex.
My research looks at the concepts of World, Worldliness and World Alienation in the thought of Hannah Arendt, with a view to developing a new account of World Alienation and its possible remedies. My PhD research considers recent reconstructions of the concept of alienation in contemporary critical theory, particularly in the work of Rahel Jaeggi, with a view to incorporating their insights into a fresh account of World Alienation for the present epoch. I also study and unravel the paradox of politicisation and passivity in its different contexts, as well as investigate emerging subjectivities and politics in the neoliberal era. More generally, this PhD research is motivated by the urgent need for humanity to act
globally to avert climate catastrophe.
While my research is focused on 20th century philosophy, I am interested in a broad array of areas including
the history of political thought, social and political philosophy, feminist political theory, existentialist philosophy and
critical theory.
I am particularly interested, however, in the political thought of Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil.


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