Maria von Welser at the Libori Summer School 2018

(March 08, 2018)

Turkey took 3,4 Million refugees without complaining. Mostly women and children. But life is hard and they dream of peace in their homeland Syria. More in Libori Summer School 2018 in Paderborn.





(March 07, 2018)

The war in Congo happens upon the bodies of women. It´s for gold, coltan and diamonds. Over 50 military groups are fighting for it and against the people. Politics is far away. More in Libori Summer School 2018 in Paderborn.





(March 06, 2018)

Mass-rapes every 20 minutes – that is the reality for women in India. That´s not enough: there are 100 Million women missing in a men´s society. More in Libori Summer School 2018 in Paderborn.





(March 05, 2018)

Still no hope and no future for Afghan Women after three wars. Nowhere are more women dying in giving birth to children. More in the Libori Summer School 2018: “Women’s World Today: War, Violence, and Escape” in Paderborn.

Photo  © Peter Müller BILD 16.07.2012 | Women in Afghanistan | Maria von Welser | Guldara





Libori Summer School | July 30 – August 03 | 10:30 AM – 05:00 PM | Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists


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