Maria Protopapas New Voices Research Profile

The field of my research focuses on the Hellenistic Philosophy, especially on Ancient Stoicism and the Rhetoric science as a science and not as an art, which was the prevailing idea until that time. The science of Stoic Rhetoric is expanded, through my work, to the French Renaissance and more specifically, to the way that Montaigne perceived the Stoic Rhetoric as seen in the Essays. Urged by my exploration of the Stoic Rhetoric, I furthered my work into the Aristotelian Poetics and Rhetoric which culminated in the production of two relevant articles. Moreover, I have done research into Galen’s philosophical treatises and their connection to the pseudo-Aristotelian treatise Problems 31 as well as the Chrysippean treatise on the Passions of the Soul, (an already published work). In addition, my latest research has been motivated by the topic of Ancient Women Philosophers as perceived by the Cynics. My work specialises on the personality of Hipparchia, the Cynic Crates‘ wife, her attitude towards her contemporary men philosophers, her life path, and the reasons of her personality being a subject worth teaching. Finally, my present research programme, starting in 2017, concerns the translation of Cleanthes’ fragments with philosophical commentary. This programme, managed by myself, involves the participation of researchers and post-doctoral students as well as specialists invited from abroad to collaborate. The translation of the excerpts and the relevant commentaries will form the basis of the publication of a volume by the Publication Department of the Academy of Athens.

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