Małgorzata Hołda - New Voices Research Profile

Małgorzata Hołda. PhD in British literature with a dissertation, Between Liberal Humanism and Postmodernist Fun: The Fiction of Malcolm Bradbury (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń 2006). PhD in philosophy with distinction for her dissertation, Paul Ricoeur’s Concept of Subjectivity and the Postmodern Claim of the Death of the Subject (The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow), published by Ignatianum University Press, 2018. Junior Associate Fellow of the International Institute for Hermeneutics. The Member of Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain (London), The European Society for Aesthetics, Central and East European Society for Phenomenology, and The
Australasian Modernist Studies Network. The reviewer of Philosophy Study, David Publishing, New York since 2016, associate editor of Text Matters: A Journal in Literature, Theory and Culture. She conducts interdisciplinary research in Anglophone literature and philosophy. Her published work explores topics within modern and postmodern novel,
philological and philosophical hermeneutics (with special emphasis on Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutics of the self as l’homme capable and HansGeorg Gadamer’s philosophical hermeneutics), phenomenology, and postmodern philosophy. The Author of On Beauty and Being: HansGeorg Gadamer’s and Virginia Woolf’s Hermeneutics of the Beautiful, Peter Lang, 2021. Her publications foster understanding as a mode of being in the world.


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