Luciana Soares Santos New Voices Research Profile

My current research interests articulate an academic background in Biological Sciences and the need to build an epistemological axis around socio-political yearnings and voluntary and professional experiences in popular education and participation. From a marxist feminist perspective, I have been studying the life and work of the Russian intellectual and psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé (1861-1935), and the Polish-German revolutionary socialist and philosopher Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919), among other intellectual and/or revolutionary women of the time, to address, in a dialectical way: 1. the historical context of transition from the 19th to the 20th century; 2. the conditions for the intertwining, expansion and strengthening of the “woman question” in the socio-political movements of the time; 3. the participation of women in the revolutionary socialist processes of the 20th century, notably in the Russian Revolution. From this approach, I seek to analyze how this theoretical-practical legacy is continued and updated in contemporary women’s intellectual production, and in the praxis of left-wing parties and social movements, mainly in the Americas and in the Brazilian context. In addition, I investigate the mutual relations and influences between Marxism and the Biological Sciences, weaving a critical view on the fields of Education in Biology and the History and Philosophy of Biology.

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