YouTube Study Playlist – Learn independent about Emilie du Chatelet

We at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers have not only made it our agenda to include women philosophers in the canon and give them the spotlight they deserve, we also want to provide as much as possible information on women philosophers online. We want the information to be accessible for anyone. That is why we share our knowledge in different kinds of media. You can find on our webpage a whole section dedicated to studying certain women philosophers. In addition we have a YouTube Playlist filled with lectures from professors. 

One example are the videos on Emilie du Chatelet. You can find several lectures on her and educate yourself on the brilliant physicist, mathematician, thinker and linguist whose pioneering ideas and formidable translations were known all across Europe.

Du Châtelet’s philosophy attempts to reconcile Leibnizian and Newtonian physics within the framework of a Wolffian metaphysics. She presents this vision in her opus magnum, the Institutions de physique (1740/1742). Emilie Du Chatelet’s insights into kinetic energy foreshadowed Einstein’s famous equation and her suggestions for experiments with the different colours of light would only be carried out half-a-century after she’d written about them. Plus she was a remarkable personality, determined to live a life of an independent woman, often pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable even in the liberal social circles of her day. 

If you want to learn more here is the playlist. 

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