Welcome Pedro Pricladnitzky!

We are welcoming a new member in our Team: Pedro Pricladnitzky!

Pedro Pricladnitzky is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, holds degrees from UFRGS, where he completed his M.A. and PhD in philosophy. He was an adjucnt professor between 2016-2020 at the State University of Maringá (UEM) and between 2021-2023 at the State University of Western Paraná (UNIOESTE). Specializing in early modern metaphysics and natural philosophy, he explores the perspectives of René Descartes, Margaret Cavendish, and Émilie du Châtelet. His current research also delves into the ideas of 19th-century Brazilian women thinkers.





Pedro already supported the Center by translating the Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts into portuguese.  In 2022 Katarina Peixoto, Christine Lopes and Pedro Pricaldnitzkly published a volume on Latin American Perspectives on Women Philosophers in Modern History, Basel: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

Here you can watch the three editors give an interview on the book: New Books – Latin American Perspectives on Women Philosophers in Modern History

Find out more about Pedro Pricladnitzkys research by watching his talk at the New Voices Conference 2022: Pedro Pricladnitzky -The Principle of Individuation in Cavendish’s Metaphysics

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