Welcome Daniel Neumann!

Welcome Daniel!

Dr. Daniel Neumann is a post-doctoral research fellow. His interest is in the early phenomenologists and their take on eidetic analysis (Wesensanalyse or Wesenswissenschaft) as a method to get back to the things themselves. His previous research covers a wide range: He has been working on phenonemonlogy, philosophy of technology, social philosophy, etc. He published on various authors, like Descartes, Spinoza, La Mettrie. You can find a selection of his publications here.

At the Center, he is working on the project Women in Early Phenomenology where he focuses on Gerda Walther, Edith Stein and Hedwig Conrad-Martius. If you would like to contact Dr. Daniel Neumann, click here.

We are grateful for his support to research women phenomenologists and look forward to working together!

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