Wednesday Evening Event of the Libori Summer School

Wednesday July 26th the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists celebrated the “Bergfest” of the Libori Summer School with its participants. Prof. Hagengruber and Prof. McDonoughs were giving talks to mark the occasion.

(Photo by Niklas Corall)

On Wednesday July 26th the project Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists hosted an evening event at the recently opened AStA Stadtcampus as part of the first International Libori Summer School with great support of the AStA, the student representation of Paderborn University. The event not only attracted participants of the Summer School, but also interested students of philosophy. The audience of around 50 people was welcomed and orchestrated through the evening by Julia Lerius, coordinator of the Center.

Prof. Hagengruber giving her talk. (Photo by Niklas Corall)

As an official opening, Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber, director of the Center introduced the audience to the history of women philosophers, ranging from Hypathia to Émilie Du Châtelet and modern philosophers. She underlined the necessity to increase scientific research in the rich however widely understudied field. “The history of female philosophers dates just as far back as the history of male philosophers – but only one of these groups is present: This must be changed.”

Prof. Ruth Hagengruber and Prof. Jeffrey McDonoughs (Photo by Niklas Corall)

Following this, Jeffrey K. McDonough, professor of philosophy at Harvard University and director of the Harvard History of Philosophy Workshops, presented both an overview and his interpretation on Leibniz’s concepts of freedom and contingency. As Leibniz’s concepts had an impact on the philosophy of Émilie Du Châtelet, Prof. McDonoughs talk was received as a very welcome contribution to the Du Châtelet seminar, providing much substance for following discussions during the leisure-part of the evening.

(Photo by Julius Erdmann)

After the official part of the event, a variety of vegetarian food was catered by Haci Baba. Together with some music and wine philosophical discussions and private conversations accompanied the great weather on one of the most beautiful rooftop terraces Paderborn has to offer. Surrounded by the sparkling lights of the Libori-Fair, another exciting day of the Libori Summer School came to an end.

(Nina Ostwald)
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